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Warrior Legends
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Explore some our Warriors in a 3D environment (VR compatible). All Welcome room code for VR 876790 (
uplift world warrior legends
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We are building the Warrior Legends sanctuary and training grounds within the uplift world using Minecraft (Genesis Map).  The build is still ongoing and we will keep you updated.  The world Genesis map can be found HERE.  The land is located at the top of the map.  You can save the Masura skin from one of our NFTs HERE.  

To learn more about the uplift world visit

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Sandbox warrior legends .PNG
Sandbox warrior legends zoom .PNG

We have a 3x3 plot of land in the Sandbox game.  Our plans are to build a Warrior Legends themed game. 

Check out the video below to see what is possible and visit the Sandbox site.

warrior legends NFT Sandbox.png

Masura as a Sandbox Avatar

Wax NFT character
Earths Last Hope

NFT trading cards on the WAX blockchain

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