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Warrior Legends
warrior Legends.png
Card Rarities

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Warrior Legends NFT base card
Warrior Legends NFT base card
Standard Base Cards
Card A
Card B
We are not fond of duplicated cards with just a name change.  So only the standard base card will have a B card. 

uncommon (slide)
rare (spot)
epic (portal)
legendary (inferno)
mythic (tech)
Reward Warriors revealed so far...
Mr Rhino sticker.png
Exit Limbo warrior legends NFT.png

Mr Rhino from Exit Limbo

Ghost Rider sticker.png
ultrarare warrior legends wax NFT.jpg

Ghost Warrior from ultrarare

Alien_transparent rev.png

Series 2 Alien Warrior

Wax NFT character
Earths Last Hope

NFT trading cards on the WAX blockchain

Warrior Legends Carbon Neutral.png
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