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Warrior Legends
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Warrior Info

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Farzin is an elite Persian warrior within the imperial guard. Taken from his family at birth, he began his military training as a young boy. He is extremely loyal, obedient and courageous, but also well-refined and cultured. His brilliance as a war tactician has ensured countless victories against adversaries of his kingdom. His favourite weapon is the scimitar, a sabre with a curved blade.

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  • NiftyDom

Blake survives in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the former United States of America. His ingenuity at creating weapon’s, armour, booby traps and transport make him an extremely valuable asset for his gated community and their defence against attack from other war-mongering factions. His weapon of choice is “Big Betty” a modified gun of his own creation.

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Masura NFT character from Warrior Legends

Masura is a highly-train freelance shinobi from Japan, who offers his services to the highest bidder. He specialises in assassinations, espionage and spying and uses his skills at disguise and deception to gather intelligence on enemy movements and plans. His primary weapon is his katana. The recruitment of Masura and his war skills against the Alien threat will greatly improve the success of the mission to save earth.

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Wax NFT character
Earths Last Hope

NFT trading cards on the WAX blockchain

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