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Warrior Legends
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Rebel Rabbits Tribute

RR WL gold.png
rebel rabbits.png

Rebel Rabbits mask #2006

visit for more info on this project

Halloween Bonus Warrior

halloween warrior legends 2.png

Frankie Warrior available to Warrior Legends collectors soon.

Collectors Rewards

Exitlimbo warrior legends wax NFT.png

Click for ExitLimbo Site

Ghost Warrior Legends ultrarare NFT wax.png

Click for Ultra Rare Site

Common Card Blends

Collectors will be able to blend 2 standard NFT base cards for a chance of getting a new base rarity card.  This will not only make the standard base cards more scarce, as well as introduce some new base variants, but it will also increase the number of mint #1 cards in the collection. 

Wax NFT character
Earths Last Hope

NFT trading cards on the WAX blockchain

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